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          The development history of China in CNC technology is very exciting!

          release time:2020-10-26    Article release: this site【return】

          The development of CNC prototype model manufacturers is mainly derived from the traditional prototype technology, while the traditional prototype technology method is very conservative, mainly manual processing models. At that time, our country’s policies, economy and industrial development were all to a certain extent. Restricted. To a large extent, this traditional hand-board model craft cannot meet the needs of current technological development. On the contrary, the West has experienced two industrial revolutions, which brought many advantages to their industrial development and technological take-off, and also laid a certain foundation. . CNC did not have a good development before 1996. In the early stage, a large part of the prototype industry is still stuck in traditional methods and processes.

          After 1996, in the rapid development of the national economy, there were many factors that caused the slowdown in the industry, such as immature technology and inadequate sophisticated industrial equipment. However, due to its geographical advantages and the support of national policies at the time, Shenzhen, a city, brought many Western technologies to the sea. There was a qualitative leap in machining, mold manufacturing, industrial design, etc., and the steady development of CNC technology at this time.

          Tai Tengxin Plastic Hardware Model has a complete management system, continuously strengthens internal management, and improves the technical level and management ability of employees.

          "Win customer trust with quality, win customer confidence with technology, win customer satisfaction with service, and win customer favor with sincerity" is the goal of all Tai Tengxin employees; "High efficiency, high quality, accurate delivery, full participation "Customer satisfaction" is the philosophy and purpose of all Tai Tengxin employees.

          Constantly develop, keep making progress, sincerely unite and work together. After several years of hard work, Tai Tengxin has gradually developed into a professional prototype processing factory with a certain scale, adhering to the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise" and "striving for perfection" to serve customers and society, and provide customers with a lot of quality The excellent prototype has won the trust and support of our customers.

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