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          What is the prototype model?

          release time:2020-10-23    Article release: this site【return】

          What is the prototype model?

          It is impossible for many companies to sell only one product. In the course of the company's operation, they will continue to develop new products to maintain the company's operations. Many people have questions about what is a prototype mold and what is a prototype mold. What is its function, and how do we understand its definition?

          In the past, when the technology was not so advanced, a new product could only be made manually by engineers, so everyone called it a "prototype" and the model used to make the prototype was called a mold. The mold is not like a hand-made prototype. A template can produce the same product in large quantities. We

          Call it a prototype mold.

          Prototype features: long cycle, verifiable, intuitive, low cost

          Mold characteristics: The molds used to make batch products are expensive, but have a short cycle and long life.

          Fuyong Tai Tengxin Model Management Department, Baoan District, Shenzhen, was founded in 2007. It is a processing enterprise specializing in prototype production. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, and digital communication prototypes.

          The main partners of Tai Tengxin Model Company are: Konka, Dove, OPPO, Zhongnuo, Haipai, Zhuoyi, Jierong Technology and so on.

          Our growth depends on your support! May we work hard to do better, and wish you a more brilliant career! Looking forward to cooperating with you! Tel: 0755-61125801  Website: www.polistuds.com

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