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          What materials are Tai Tengxin's prototypes made of?

          release time:2020-10-23    Article release: this site【return】

          What materials does the prototype model have:

          ①Fireproof ABS:

          Fire-resistant ABS has excellent processability, which can make the surface of the product have a good finish, coating and dyeing properties. In addition, it can be electroplated into a variety of colors and can be screen printed.

          ②Black acrylic:

          PMMA is an amorphous polymer, commonly known as plexiglass, with good transparency and excellent heat resistance. This material has strict processing requirements. It is very sensitive to moisture and temperature, and is prone to "cavity" on site. It is processed by the method of "low material temperature, high mold temperature, and slow speed" injection.


          POM is a hard and dense material with a smooth surface and good gloss. It is pale yellow or white and has good comprehensive properties. Note that the use of thermoplastics is relatively hard, and the tensile strength, bending strength, fatigue strength, abrasion resistance and electrical properties are better.


          ABS has good molding processability, can make the surface of the product good, and has good coating and dyeing properties, and can be electroplated into a variety of colors.

          ⑤Aluminum alloy:

          This material has low density, but high strength. It is similar to high-quality steel. It can be processed into various profiles, has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in various enterprises.

          According to the prototype material classification:

          (1) Plastic prototypes: The raw materials are plastic, mainly plastic prototypes, such as televisions, monitors, telephones, etc.

          (2) Silicone prototype: Its raw material is silicone, which is mainly used to display product design and appearance, such as cars, mobile phones, toys, handicrafts, daily necessities, etc.

          (3) Metal prototypes: The raw materials are aluminum-magnesium alloys and other metal materials, mainly for high-end products, such as notebook computers, high-end single players, MP3 players, CD players, etc.

          (4) Clay prototype: Its raw material is sludge, commonly known as clay sculpture prototype, which is mainly used for product appearance design and development. In the early stage of product development, the clay sculpture master uses sludge as a model according to his own imagination or pictures, and then according to the sludge model To determine the appearance, but the current clay prototype has been replaced a lot by freeform.

          Shenzhen Tai Tengxin Plastic Hardware Model Co., Ltd. is located in Block B, Shop 22, Youli Road, Tangwei Community, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen. The company's existing equipment includes: advanced high-precision, high-speed engraving and milling machines 4 and a complete set Peripheral ancillary equipment (such as: vacuum complex mold machine, laser engraving machine, sandblasting machine, UV exposure machine, etc.. The company’s existing departments include: engineering department, CNC machining center, machining workshop, subsequent processing workshop, spray Oil screen printing room, raw material warehouse, quality control department, etc...

          Founded in 2007, Tai Tengxin is a processing enterprise specializing in prototype production. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, and digital communication prototypes. The company invests in new production equipment every year, and begins to research and develop new production technologies to improve product quality. May we strive to do better, and wish you a more brilliant career! Looking forward to cooperating with you! Tel: 0755-61125801  Website: www.polistuds.com

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