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          Prototype production concept and function

          release time:2020-10-23    Article release: this site【return】

          What is a prototype (product model)

          Prototype is one or several first made according to the product appearance drawing or structure drawing without opening the mold, and used to check the appearance or structure rationality of the functional model.


          1. Design inspection

          The prototype is not only visible, but also touchable, so the prototype can directly reflect the designer's creativity in the form of physical objects, avoiding the disadvantage of "drawing to look good but not making it good". So prototype making is indispensable in the process of new product development and product shape deliberation.

          2. Check structure design

          Because the prototype is assembleable, the prototype can intuitively reflect the rationality of the product structure and the ease of installation, which facilitates early detection and solution of problems.

          3. Avoid the risk of opening the mold directly

          As the cost of mold manufacturing is generally very high, relatively large molds are worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. If unreasonable structure or other problems are found during the mold opening process, the loss can be imagined. Prototype production can avoid this loss and reduce the risk of mold opening.

          4. Make the product launch time much earlier

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