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          Hello, welcome to Shenzhen Taiteng Model Design Co., Ltd.!

          Specializing in hand model and precision hardware

          Industry technology innovation leader

          Create value for you with your heart

          National Advisory Service Hotline


          Company Profile

          Founded in 2007, Shenzhen taiteng Model Design Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of handboards. The main products include all kinds of mobile phones, tablet computers, digital communication handboards. The company invests in new production equipment every year, and starts to research and develop new production technology to improve product quality.

          The company's existing equipment are: advanced high-precision, high-speed engraving and milling machine 4 and a set of perfect peripheral auxiliary equipment (such as: Vacuum copying machine, laser engraving machine, sandblasting machine, drying plate UV machine, etc.). The existing departments of the company include: Engineering Department, CNC processing center, machining workshop, follow-up processing workshop, oil injection and screen printing room, raw material warehouse, quality control department, etc.

          The company pays attention to the development of human resources, adheres to the people-oriented enterprise concept, and has 20-30 employees. We have a perfect management system, constantly strengthen internal management, and improve the technical level and management ability of employees.

          "Win customers' trust by quality, win customers' confidence by technology, win customers' satisfaction by service and win customers' favor by sincerity" is the goal of all employees of taiteng; "high efficiency, excellent quality, accurate delivery time, full participation and customer satisfaction" is the philosophy and purpose of all employees of taiteng.

          Continuous development, continuous progress, sincere unity and concerted efforts. After several years of efforts, the company has gradually developed into a professional handboard processing plant with a certain scale, adhering to the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise" and "excellence" to serve customers and society, providing customers with a large number of handboards with excellent quality, thus winning the trust and support of customers.

          The company's main partners are: Konka, Duowei, oppo, Zhongnuo, Haipai, Zhuoyi, Jierong technology, etc.

          Our growth depends on your support! May we strive to be better and wish you more brilliant career! Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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